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How sweet it is!

Dear members and constituents, There is nothing like the smell of fresh donuts on a Friday morning. I can feel the sugar rush, and I have yet to take a single bite of the delicious pastries. Those round, plump, soft, tender, mouth-watering delicacies have arrived, so I suggest you bring your coffee mug and satisfy the craving. Happy Friday everyone! P.S. A special thanks goes to Stacy Jackson who commissioned Time Wise to bring in the donuts today. She not only is not a morning person she is no longer on this floor, yet she still actively participates.

Donuts are here

Dear member and constituents, Of course, the day I have to bring donuts in, I am running a half-hour late. My sincere apologies for making you wait. On the bright side, we have a couple dozen well-assorted Winchell's donuts. Enjoy!