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Asimov's Donuts

Friends, Our future traditions will be guided by society and framed by technology. As society prioritizes the technology it develops, technology changes society in sometimes unforeseeable ways. Granted, technology is limited by our creativity –and the laws of physics. It’s fun to see where science fiction writers like Isaac Asimov got it right and where they got it wrong (and where the jury is still out). Asimov’s smoker-filled world (wrong) has very powerful computers (right) that are miles-long (wrong, although you might argue datacenters can reach the size of Supervac ). His bureaucracies often make fatal mistakes but, surprisingly, also get it right (hey, even a broken clock is right twice a day!). His short stories are a though-provoking commentary on society and what might happen. Disappointingly (but perhaps not surprisingly), his writings are silent on donuts. You’d think these torus-shaped beauties lend themselves to be portrayed as the food of the future. I believe the reas

Faith and Donuts

Friends, Faith is like pulling into a new parking structure for the first time. Driving into the building’s bowels, you trust the architect accounted for your scenario. As your eyes adjust to the light, the headlights in the rear view mirror say the only way out is through. Ceiling must be high enough. Turns can’t be too tight. Ventilation better work. Rates should be affordable. And don’t get me started on structural stability — I hope you’re not claustrophobic! Kind of like stopping at a new donut shop on your way to that important meeting. That dozen will probably be delicious — have faith! Faith is also trusting this sign will make a difference (Be cultured, don't turn this spot into a urinal) Happy Friday!

Things that make you go... wait, what?

Friends, It happens more than I care to admit. Lost in thought, watching the ordinary world pass me by. Then, cue the random event, followed by a double-take and an inward chuckle. What sort of random events? I’m glad you asked! Here are a few examples I found particularly amusing. A ladder leaning on power lines. Wait, what? Never mind, those are actually cable and phone lines. Safe? Probably not. Then again, I suppose that might explain your next internet outage. An ancient vampire-squid named after Joe Biden . Wait, what? Ancient… check! Vampire… that would explain a lot. Squid… maybe! An honor? An insult? Both? I suppose only Joe and the Squid can answer those questions. Olive Garden has rotisserie… guinea pig. Wait, what? Sure, they do! Of course, given Ecuador’s lassez-faire approach to trademarks I seriously doubt this Olive Garden has any relation to those in the U.S. Krispy Kreme has a donut filled with

Wet Donut

Friends, Water permeated my thoughts this week, proverbial cloud bubbles over my head precipitating a range of possibilities --does that make me a wet noodle? There's colorful water balloon projectiles soaking bystanders as people celebrated the carnival holiday. Rain refracting light to paint a rainbow just for me. Ice on the moon vaporized when a rogue rocket stage slammed into Hertzsprung crater just a few minutes ago. And let's not forget Lamborghini Aventadors resting at the bottom of the Atlantic. Water makes life possible and water fills tears cried over innocent lives lost in Ukraine. Of course, water is also a key ingredient in donuts. So, grab one and, maybe, listen to the Talking Heads’  Once in a Lifetime  —"water dissolving, and water removing..." Happy Friday! There's electricity at the end of that rainbow  -such a... powerful experience!