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Annoying e-Mail

Dear Members and Constituents, From the humble chain letters to the malicious 419 scam (a reference to article in the Nigerian criminal code making it a crime), people continue to send junk e-mail. Sure, some seem harmless enough and yes, they tug at basic emotions (compassion, greed)… but… really? Today I wanted to share some generic examples with you: 1. Google Money (or Microsoft, or Apple or…) for my surgery Hi, you don’t know me, but I’m [proof of being a good person] on whom some huge evil has befallen [insert ailment]. I’m writing because [Insert giant Tech company name] has offered to pay [$X cents] for every time this e-mail is forwarded. If you don’t forward this you’re sub-human. (this works best if the domain of the company the sender’s e-mail is in is a competitor of the domain of the company giving the money ;o) 2. Threatening inspirational message Usually a power point with beautiful pictures and music, inspirational words from a poet or religious figure… so far so good.

Brain Food

Dear Members and Constituents, Do you consider yourself a left or right brain person? Does your mind steer towards a deliberate and scientific approach to problem-solving? or, does art awaken amazing adventures of the heart? I’m not sure I buy into the popular notion that people can conveniently be categorized in this way. Be that as it may, whether you deliberately organize every aspect of your life or creatively associate random events to achieve new heights, there's one thing that left and right minded people can all agree on: donuts. You can be intrigued by the process or amazed by the taste. You may deliberately pursue the physiological effects of sugar or simply let yourself get carried away… By virtue of being round, donuts don’t have a left side or a right side and therefore appeal to all. This morning, Chris Hynes (donut boy) has something to delight your heart and soul: four dozen LaMar’s donuts. So, do the logical thing that feels good and come grab one (or more). Happy


Dear Members and Constituents, It's Friday again, what an awesome day! Time to tie loose ends and reflect on all the week's accomplishments. Time to plan for and anticipate the weekend's possibilities. A time when the glass is definitely half-full (whether that be coffee, tea, cold milk or another beverage of your choice). A time for donuts -to accompany the aforementioned half-full glass. An awesome time! Come get your share of awesomeness, courtesy of Ronald Cook (donut boy). 'Nuff said. Happy Friday!

There's a Hole in the Bottom of the Gulf

Dear members and constituents, A hole in and of itself is neither bad nor good. This value judgment (good vs. bad) comes from context. Take, for example, the giant beaver dam in Northern Canada. Several generations of beavers spent nearly 40 years building a 2,200 foot dam. It's so big, you can see from space. After all that hard work, I'm sure the beavers would hate to see it develop a hole. Also in the bad category, there’s a hole in the bottom of the sea. There’s a pipe from BP in the hole in the bottom of the sea. There is a slick from three leaks in the pipe from BP in the hole in the bottom of the sea. And the black oil spills all around all around, ‘till the black oil slick runs aground. On the other hand there’s the good holes. This morning, Monisha Merchant (donut girl) delights us with four dozen holes of the good variety (contained within a like-number of donuts). And while they’re dam good, you should to be careful not to spill them. Happy Friday!