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New Donut Desk -- 31A-216

Friday Donut Club members and constituents, I regret (am pleased) to inform you Friday Donut congregations will no longer be held at 31A-601. No, the temptation to eat too many donuts has not gotten too strong and I have not gotten tired of having the donuts at my desk. However, I have moved and therefore the donut supply is now located at my new desk. The location is 31A-216. Those of you having to walk shorter distances can think of it as convenience, while those of you traversing longer stretches can justify it as exercise that helps burn-off the calories consumed. In fact, you may go for an extra donut today due to that fact. Bart has arrived with the cargo. He informed me he has robbed the United Way of 3 dozen Krispy Kremes, so come help yourself to some loot! Happy Friday!

Donuts are here

Donuts are here and they are good! You know you want them, so come and get them. Don't forget to thank Mr. Stocker (sounds a lot better than Mr. Ed) for this week's delicious assortment. Thanks,