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Instant Donuts

Friends, Life can change in an instant, for better or worse. While most instants are not of the life changing variety, the relatively rare that are often come unannounced, or disguised as the ordinary kind. I suppose the best thing to do is to be true every moment. Hike, hug, smile. Do the right thing, be generous with your time and remain kind. Live life like you’re not getting out of it alive. Take risks for the right reasons, put yourself out there and take that shot. Above all, treat yourself to a donut now and again, preferably today. No regrets. Happy Friday!

Also Featuring Donut Boy

Friends, Have you ever sat through the credits at the end of a movie or TV show? Not the creative kind like those in the Incredibles or Sherlock Holmes. I’m talking about the obligatory, mundane, run of the mill litany of names and titles that roll past at almost illegible speeds to document every person involved with the piece, no matter how menial the task. Besides the number and hierarchy of posts involved (executive X, co-executive X, lead X, X, assistant X, assistant to the assistant X...), I'm mostly curious about the titles themselves. What’s a Grip ? --and why do I need to get one? How about a Clearance ? --I hear they are a bargain. What does a  Best Boy do?--and how in the world can someone with that title command respect? In case you were wondering, these are applied to a lighting expert, a person who gets product placements approved and the lead electrician, respectively. And that's just naming a few. There's Gang Boss, Gaffer, Food Designer, Key Assistant Loc

A dozen donuts for a dozen zeros

Friends, Alphabet began celebrating. Defying every faultfinder, Google-hoarding investors just knew leading markets never overestimate pricing. Questioning reason, surpassing trillion U$. Valiantly weathering xpectations yielding zero. OK, the preceding was bad (it got pretty dicey at the end). I was trying to start each word in alphabetical order to reinforce the fact Alphabet, Google's parent, became only the fourth company to ever surpass a trillion dollars in market capitalization (although, with Amazon stock dipping a bit, there are only currently three in that club). Despite the fact that a number one followed by twelve zeroes is a far cry from the 100 zeros of a Googol, you have to admit it's still pretty cool --and more money than I can imagine. Along the same vein, this week Tesla became the U.S. automaker with the highest market capitalization. Despite the huge achievement, I can't help but to throw a few flies in the ointment. First, it limits the compa

Aah-woooooo-some Donuts

Friends, The weekend is upon us; time to relax your inhibitions and howl at the moon (or bark , if your name is Ozzy). Skies should clear-up by 7 PM, revealing the wolf  moon —January’s full moon. For extra effect, you could go to Moffat county in northwest Colorado, where a pack  of wolves has set-up shop for the first time in seven decades. Or, there’s Canada, where gray wolves never left (I suspect that’s why Meghan  left Harry alone with his bombshell). Of course, if you’re feeling really brave, you can go to Chicago, where they had two coyote  attacks on Wednesday. In addition to howls, you might get some other sounds in the wide coyote repertoire , including huffs, yips and barks —which should satisfy even Mr. Osborne. I think I’ll put on my wolf hat and go stock-up for tonight. Some bear claws feel appropriate. Happy Friday!

Peach mint donuts 🍩

Friends, This year, did you watch the countdown as the big ball dropped? Did you light fireworks? Did you make any resolutions? Or, were you fast asleep by 10? At the González household we held our 12th annual Año Viejo party. As is our tradition, at midnight, we burned an effigy representing 2019. Out with the old, in with the new! This year, I chose a mint-striped letter m and a giant peach (I’ll let you piece it together). It may have been our biggest fire yet. Just thinking about it makes me hungry. I’m gonna go try to find me a donut. I wonder if they have peach-mint. Mmmm... Happy New Year! JP González P.S. Want to see it burn?  Watch it here  (skip to about the 1 minute mark for the action)