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Bolder Donuts

Friends, Friday already? Memorial Day not only shortened the workweek but was also a great opportunity to catch-up on some rest and remember military personnel who died in service. I chose to “rest” by running the Bolder Boulder 10K (a tad ironic, I realize). As I approached the finish line, one of the thoughts that kept me going was the cold refreshing Oskar Blues beer traditionally awaiting racers. Not this time. This year they did a bait-and-switch and gave us Wild Basin a “boozy sparkling water”.  While I get their desire to test a new product, they should have understood not to mess with tradition –not without addressing expectations way ahead of time. In the end I couldn’t bring myself to waste free alcohol. Of course, the best way to get wash down an ill-tasting concoction is with a delicious sweet donut. Coincidentally, that is also the best way to start the last day of a short workweek. So grab yourself a sweet treat and enjoy. Happy Friday!

Game of Donuts

Friends, The Game of Thrones’ final season was destined to disappoint no matter what they did —expectations were too high. The only sure thing was that, as with all things, it had to come to an end. Rather than dwelling on the show and risk spoilers, I’ll dwell on the ‘coming to an end’ part. Entropy will eventually get everything —literally. The Earth will burn in five billion years as the sun’s outer layers reach Mars’ orbit. The sun will go from yellow dwarf to red giant to white dwarf to planetary nebula to... nothing. Even light will disappear after the last star burns-out some 100 trillion years from now (give or take). Sometime after that black holes will evaporate and all matter will dissolve. Of course we’ll be long gone by then. Earth will become uninhabitable in a mere billion years —a rather ironic phrase coming from a creature with a lifespan of under a century. I know this all sounds rather glum, but it’s not my intent to bring you down. Rather the opposite. For, if y

Magic Donuts

Friends, I’m glad Denver decriminalized hallucinogenic mushrooms. It’s not that I think the status quo was in need of repair —at 11 arrests and 3 prosecutions last year, it’s the poster child of a corner case. It’s also not that I want ’shrooms around my kids —I really don’t. It’s certainly not that I intend to try them —I’ve never done drugs and don’t intend to start now. The reason I like the idea is because the next time I tell someone where I live, the response won’t be innuendo about marihuana. It will be innuendo about magic mushrooms. Think of all the bad jokes! I’ve heard Denver’s homeless problem is... mushrooming. What are the most popular rooms in Denver? Mush-rooms! Granted, the pizza topping joke shift from oregano to mushrooms won’t be as clever, still, all things considered I welcome the shift. While you think-up your own bad joke, have a donut. I find they help the creative juices. Also, feel free to share any groaners you create. Happy Friday!

Happy International Space Day

Friends, What better way to honor International space day than with Hostess pastries. After all, they are sweet, have donut-like treats in their portfolio and are made from non-biodegradable space-age materials (suitable for long term space travel). This week, on a quick trip to Walmart (I know), I noticed a stand that read “the world could use more hostess”. Ironically, all the shelves were empty –I suppose all that empty SPACE is proof that the world could use more. So as you kick-off a space themed week (not only is it space day today, tomorrow is Star Wars day and Monday we have the Aquariid meteor shower on a near-moonless night!), stock-up on some Hostess donettes and prepare to geek-out. Happy Friday!