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Happy Friday

Dear members and constituents,
Donuts are here courtesy of yours truly and Mr. Ray Lamar. Glazed are still hot, so please come and enjoy.

Last week we posed a question that cuts to the heart of what I believe to be something that has been eating at some of our members. The question is whether Grocery Store donuts meet the test for "real" donuts. The results are in. Drum roll….
  • 6 - Abstained from voting
  • 6 - Believe we should all purchase donuts at a "real" donut store (includes person who sent the controversial e-mail)
  • 4 - Believe donuts are donuts -even if they come from King Soopers

One member went as far as to say that if buying donuts at a donut store was a requirement they would have to quit the club. There appears to be a clear division in our constituency, and with so many abstaining from voting, it is hard to tell what the majority feels. Given this division, I have given a lot of thought as to whether it is worth it to keep this noble effort going or if I should just let it die of natural causes.

I certainly enjoy Fridays and would like nothing more than to continue to host this event. I am not certain what the right path forward is. I can relate to both points of view. I can see the value of a minimum common quality standard, but am not sure what that standard should be. To paraphrase George Carlin, anyone who takes themselves too seriously deserves a little grief. I hence refuse to set a hard-and-fast rule that limits where donuts can be bought.

Next week Viana brings donuts in and that is as far as the course for this noble Friday Donut Club is charted. Thereafter, it is up to all of us to determine whether delicious sweet pastries will be available in 31A-216 or whether that will just become another sweet memory of more innocent days past. In a final attempt to salvage the Friday Donut Club, I pose the following multiple choice question which should help determine what our future will be. Hopefully we can arrive at a path for moving forward.

Please use the voting buttons to decide as to the Friday Donut Club's future
(a) I will only be a member of a club that requires donuts be bought at a donut store
(b) I will only be a member of a club that tolerates grocery store donuts from time to time
(c) I have no preference either way

This e-mail has already gone too long and I have spent too much time on this subject.
Have a Happy Friday, and I hope we can keep this going!


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