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Ode to the Attack Ad

Dear Members and Constituents,

A wise man said,
(or so I've read)
of politics don't shout.
In spite of it,
I must admit
the ads I'd do without.

Dirt, mud, slime, muck.
These ads just suck,
regardless of persuasion.
Mislead, attack.
Can't take that back,
you've said it to the nation.

If you believe
a dem as chief
is an "Obama-nation";
Or you disdain
John S. McCain
as "Bush re-incarnation",

I'll tell you what
I think of that:
I have a disposition
to cast their type
(despite the hype):
as crafty politicians.

When all is said,
we've been mislead
to think we have more choices.
When all is done,
they're mostly one
despite their different voices.

With all this bull
we all should pull
to hasten this election.
Just roll the dice.
No, don't think twice.
Be done with the selection.

I've said my peace,
my mind's at ease,
thank God that Friday's here.
There's donut choice,
thanks to Ms. Reuss.
Come fill your heart with cheer!

Happy Friday!


Stephen said…
The dice party! Let the odds-makers decide who gets elected!

In this part of the world, it was donut Thursday and today is bagel Friday. Still a couple of good days.

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