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If I had a dime for every time a sublime rhyme comes to mind...


A troubadour tread tracks, traversing the universe, trying to coerce a cursed verse. Asking the sea king, as king, to solicit an illicit listing from a nihilist specialist  – he sought socialist stylists. Breaking bread with a bearded baker whilst imbibing beer, and other arbitrary carbs, with an arborist in dark garb, he forgot his marbles. Failing to find a rhyme of divine proportion, he took to liquor libations with a librarian –and a literal liberal. In his debauchery he watched in tacky Versace the botched Fibonacci dissolve to his anguish. So, the bard broke-out to the beach. Baking in banana boat’s blocker, our bandana-clad sunbather inadvertently bore benzene –this balm’s carcinogenic content caused the cancer it claimed to stave off. Ironic, this inquest for an iconic sonic to rule hegemonic turned so demonic. He went hasty to find a tasty pastry and after a mutant coconut donut he was newly on it. This triumphant truant knew his trove to be true! Whence his inspiration came from, nobody knew –just me and you.

Happy Friday!


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BIrds of a Feather

Friends, The early bird catches the worm, however, as the sun rises I’d much rather have a Denver omelet than a diet of worms . Ready to fly the coop, my ducks all in a row, I ponder one more time whether a bird in hand is truly worth two in the bush. Egged-on by my quest to tuck away a nest egg, I’ve decided to change industries and hope that, like the phoenix, my career will also rise from the ashes of change. After all, I’m no spring chicken –my crow’s feet and gray bely my age – however, I have to trust my judgment and believe you can’t catch this old bird with chaff (whether or not folks think me an odd bird for my actions). And so I shall attempt to soar like an eagle, aware that counting my chickens before they hatch would be ill-advised. As I learn to talk turkey in the language of cybersecurity, I will endeavor not to hide my head in the sand, choosing instead to be like a duck – calm on the surface and paddle like hell underneath! And while my excessive use of bird-inspired

Love and Marriage go together like a Horse and... Donut!

Friends, My family gained a new daughter last week. As I welcome the freshly minted Mrs. Gonz├ílez, I wish the new couple a lasting, loving, happy and tranquil marriage. I am also reminded of a special delivery I received at the wedding. A few weeks ago, my niece/goddaughter held a “go fund me” and offered to stitch something for the donors. I, of corse, asked for a horse jumping through a donut. The completed masterpiece depicting this unlikely combo now has a special place in my office, and brings a smile to my face every time I see it. That said, I may forgo the obligatory donut today and opt for some of the leftover cake we still have at the house. Happy Friday!   New addition to the Family Horse through donut  with the artist   Horse through donut at it’s new home shelf P.S. The donut wall in action.

The Right Words

Friends, The English language has over 170 thousand words, not counting obsolete and derivative words. With so many words to choose from, selecting the right one can be challenging. The choice between a ten-cent and a fifty-cent word often comes down to the writer’s intent. Informing (or disinforming) the reader vs. amusing (or aggrandizing) the writer. Striking the right balance between clarity and elegance is hard enough without the allure of highfalutin, unnecessary words tempting us to literary lechery (apologies for succumbing to temptation). While the writer’s word choice can hint at their motivation, whether a word is right or not comes down to legibility. If the reader enjoys an article, who cares how much the writer paid for their words. Kind of like a good donut: if it tastes great, who cares about the ingredients. Happy New Year!      The wrong photo ;-)