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Banana Donuts?

Scrolling down my Facebook feed I had to do a double-take. There was Deepak Chopra with the quote “65% of your genes are the same as a banana”. Was this the beginning of a put-down match? Was he going to follow it up with a “yo momma” joke? Of course, I had to watch the video. Disappointingly, it turned-out to be an inspirational speech. You know, the “you’re special because you’re made of stardust” kind. I guess it was too much to hope for. Mr. Chopra in a duel of words with some hoodlum… or, even better, the Dalai Lama. Deepak would volley “What’s furry and spits? Yo momma, ‘cuz she’s a Llama”. Dalai would respond “That’s all you got? You need to Deepak your bags and go home. ‘Cuz that was lame”. I guess you can’t find everything on the Internet –yet. I wonder what percentage of my genes are the same as a donut. I’m guessing it’s more like 66% (closer than a banana). Whatever it is, I hope you grab one. Who knows, it might inspire you to enter a battle of words (or write an inspirational speech).
Happy Friday!


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Friends, The early bird catches the worm, however, as the sun rises I’d much rather have a Denver omelet than a diet of worms . Ready to fly the coop, my ducks all in a row, I ponder one more time whether a bird in hand is truly worth two in the bush. Egged-on by my quest to tuck away a nest egg, I’ve decided to change industries and hope that, like the phoenix, my career will also rise from the ashes of change. After all, I’m no spring chicken –my crow’s feet and gray bely my age – however, I have to trust my judgment and believe you can’t catch this old bird with chaff (whether or not folks think me an odd bird for my actions). And so I shall attempt to soar like an eagle, aware that counting my chickens before they hatch would be ill-advised. As I learn to talk turkey in the language of cybersecurity, I will endeavor not to hide my head in the sand, choosing instead to be like a duck – calm on the surface and paddle like hell underneath! And while my excessive use of bird-inspired

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