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Character Flaws

You don’t need me to tell you books are great. They expand our worldview and take us to places we might otherwise never visit. Their characters can be fascinating. A good book has a well-rounded cast of characters with nuances and complexities that allow us to empathize with the villains and wonder about the heroes. But the characters in even the best written books share a flaw –and, no, I’m not talking about character flaws. Despite the author’s best intentions, they all come from the mind of a single individual and are subject to that person’s stereotypes, thought process and subconscious biases. They all fall within what the author can conceive and, therefore share the same “DNA”. I suppose you could say they are all made in their creator’s image. On the bright side, this flaw helps storylines be cohesive. I wonder if it’s possible to write a book where each character is penned by a different author (perhaps there are some like that out there already). It would be like going to twelve different donut stores and purchasing a single donut at each to make a dozen (a big effort with diminishing returns). Maybe better to just pick a donut shop and get your donuts there. And then, maybe, grab a hot beverage and a good book. Enjoy.
Happy Friday!


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